To become more familiar with what podcasts are and what they can offer us as educators, I thought I would send out links to good podcasts for teachers to listen to from time to time. These podcasts can be subscribed to so you are notified when new shows are broadcasted. They can be listened to on your computer, or downloaded for listening on your ipod (or other mp3 player).

Podcast of the Week:

New Teacher Hotline –

This podcast is about teaching and is presented by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. Recent shows include interviews with New York’s Teacher of the Year, “I’m your Son’s Tormentor,” and “God, Please Let Him be Absent.” They are all about 24 minutes long, but by listening to part of a broadcast, you can get a feel for what works about podcasts and the info that cna be presented.

If you need help in setting up a subscription to this or need computer updates to listen to the file, please let me know!

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