Google is a powerful search engine and can do so much more than just return websites that have the info you are looking for.  I thought I would find a few of those tricks and pass them along.

 8 Google Search Tricks:

1. Specialized Information Searches:

  • Definitions: You can get a word defined in by using “define:warriors”
  • Want to find food in a hurry?  Type in the type of food and the zip code or city and the closest business are returned in the results.  ex.  pizza 78664
  • Weather:  find local weather by typing in weather and the city or zip code.

2. Restrict Information:

  • Search Within a WebSite: If you put a word/term and then “site:” and then the domain name  you can conduct a search within that web site.  For example if you put “podcast”  you would be searching for podcasts within this website only.
  • Search within a range of numbers.  Ex  BIll Cosby parenting 2007 2008  will return anything posted from Bill Cosby on parenting between 2007 and 2008

3. Calculator – Basic Math Operations: Type in a equation and google will do the math for you  ex. 12 + 34 – 56 * 7 / 8. 

  • Functions include: + – * /
  • Percentages  – % of
  • Raise to the power of ^ or **  ex. 2^5 or 2**5
  • Convert currency:  Enter the conversion you want Google to preform:  ex: currency of Mexico in USD or 40 USD in Euros

4. Filetype – Want to find pdf files, or just have powerpoints returned?  type in the search terms and add “filetype:ppt”

5. What Time is it?  Find out the time anywhere by asking “what time is it in Zimbobwe

6. Track Flight Status:  No need to go to the airlines page – just type in the airline + Flight + flight number.  ex. Southwest Flight 805

7. Search for Related Terms – adding a ~ will opens results to terms that are related to the search word. ~education returns results with schools, universites, teachers, etc.

8. Phone Book – type in the name and city, state to return phone numbers

Not a Search Trick  – But did you know:  Google Maps now contains 360° views at the street level – Type in your address and look around your street. 

Do you have any favorite tricks in Google to share?

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