Did you know that you can embed YouTube video into PowerPoint 2002?  I just figured this out and wanted to share what I learned.  This only works when the computer you will be showing the powerpoint on will be connected to the internet.

Find the movie you want to embed and find the URL:

  • In the address bar is the url  – highlight that info and copy it.
    Ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcqJoE_78a0
  • You must change the url by deleting the “watch?” and replace the “=” with a “/” |
    Ex. http://www.youtube.com/ v/YcqJoE_78a0
  • Note: http://www.youtube.com/ – will always be the same
    The end string “YcqJoE_78a0” is specific for each video.

To Embed it into PowerPoint:

1.   Open a Slide

2.   Go to View – Tools – Control Toolbox

3.   Click on the more controls button (hammer) and scroll down to find Shockwave Flash Object.

4.   A cross-hairs will appear for the cursor – so click and drag a box where you want the video to appear.

5.   Right click in the box and choose “properties”

6.   A properties box will appear  – scroll down to the item titled “Movie” and paste in the URL for the video.

7.   Save – view show.  The video will play once you double click on it, just like embedding on a website. 


That’s it!   A few more steps than embedding it online, but a nice trick to know for making teaching presentations.