What is a Wiki?  And What does Wiki Mean? 

Wiki wiki is hawaiian for “quick” so a wiki is a quick method of web publication that requires no web coding skills.  It is also an excellent way to collaborate online with people not all in the same room.  Watch the video below for a great visual explanation.

Why use wikis?

They are easy and free!  Wikis are great for quick publication, collaboration, peer feedback, editing/refinement and organizing.

How are teachers using them?  We covered some of them in the post of “It’s a Wiki Wiki World Update”.  Here are a few more ideas:

  • Story Starters – round robin writing
  • Book Creation
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Micropedias
  • Ant Farms – people/characters – whose paths cross at certain points and the reader can then click over to the new person
  • Branching Stories
  • Elaboration
  • Class Notes
  • Class/Teacher Web site
  • WebQuest Host page
  • Ready to Begin?

    Here is a quick start guide for the most common tasks in wikis:  Wikis-The Basics

    So to get started I recommend http://wikispaces.com– They offer free ad-free spaces for educational wikis. 

    Just want a place to play around? We have a sandbox wiki that you can change any page, add your own content or just look around.  http://sandbx.wikispaces.com/ – Just be warned that anything you do can be changed by someone else.   

    Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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