The return of Web Wandering Wednesdays brings a focus on educational online videos.  Why use video in the classroom?  Video provides a common experience for everyone in a class.  It brings the subject to life and teachers report students understand the concepts better and retain the information longer.  Best practices suggests that short clips work best and are the most effective.

We are very familiar with United Streaming and Brain Pop – but what are some other options?

  • Studio4Learning – has a variety a videos on math, science, English, social sciences, languages, business and arts.  Each topic is also divided into subtopics.  These videos are on demand teaching tools provided free of charge.  You also have an opportunity of submitting your own videos to address topics.  The target for this website is for a secondary audience.
  • TeacherTube – TeacherTube is the educational version of YouTube.  It is a place that students and teachers can post videos for easy access.  Videos found on TeacherTube can be embedded into blogs, wikis, teacherweb, etc for easy viewing by students.   You can also search TeacherTube for videos that others have posted, including ones from partnering organizations, such as from the American Institute for History Education.

Most news organizations offer news clips of current events and networks are also offering their TV shows online so check out their websites for documentaries and current events.

Any other suggestions of places to look for free video resources?  Ideas for using streaming media in class? Please share!