In the past few weeks I have seen several good lessons that include showing video clips from YouTube. Sometimes switching from a website, back to a powerpoint or other file can be a little confusing while you are also trying to teach and keep the kids engaged.

Embedding the YouTube video into your Powerpoint allows it play right in the powerpoint instead of having to open another window for the internet.  Here is a quick video tutorial on how to do this:

Here are the written directions from a previous posting:

Find the movie you want to embed and find the URL:

  • In the address bar is the url  – highlight that info and copy it.
  • You must change the url by deleting the “watch?” and replace the “=” with a “/” |
    Ex. v/YcqJoE_78a0
  • Note: – will always be the same
    The end string “YcqJoE_78a0” is specific for each video.

To Embed it into PowerPoint:

1.   Open a Slide

2.   Go to View – Tools – Control Toolbox

3.   Click on the more controls button (hammer) and scroll down to find Shockwave Flash Object.

4.   A cross-hairs will appear for the cursor – so click and drag a box where you want the video to appear.

5.   Right click in the box and choose “properties”

6.   A properties box will appear  – scroll down to the item titled “Movie” and paste in the URL for the video.

7.   Save – view show.  The video will play once you double click on it, just like embedding on a website.