Recently I heard about people using webcams as document cameras.  We decided to give it a shot on campus in the 7th grade math classrooms.

We purchased the Logitech 9000 webcam and the Tech Ed teacher is building a stand for the camera so it can be stationary wherever the teacher wants to place it (within reach of the USB cord of course).  The teachers and I participated in a half-day hands-on training/brainstorming session.  Here is the results of that time.

The teachers took a comp test that they gave and solved each problem for the students so they can study to retake the test for a higher grade.  They also used the avatar feature of the webcam to film an introduction to the video.  Movie maker was used to bring the entire product together.

Special thanks to Rich Thomas, Natalie Ortega, Patrice Barlow and Siri Ralph for sharing their work!  (The video below is only part of the final product.)

I have gathered all ideas I could find online for other uses of webcams in the classroom and have placed them on my wiki:  Please feel free to add any ideas on the wiki or in the comment section below.