There were no BIG ah-ha moments for me at TCEA this year, but I did find  myself collecting tidbits of info and ideas I liked.  I thought I would share two of those ideas in this post.

1.  Heads or Tails – Tammy Worcester

She played Heads or Tails with the us_quarter_frontworkshop attendees to give away free items.  To play (this works with large crowds as well as normal size classrooms):

  • Materials needed: Projector and Computer – OR Computer connected to a TV.
  • Find a virtual coin flip site –
  • Have the participants stand up and choose “Heads” by placing their hands on their heads, or “Tails” by placing their hands on their backsides (or for the more modest the hips will do.)
  • Flip the coin.
  • Those who guessed right remain standing and those who guessed wrong have a seat.
  • Statistically you will eliminate about half each time.
  • Keep going until you have a winner.

2.  Review Games using Connect 4

  • Materials needed: projector and computer – review questions.
  • Divide the class into 2 groups.
  • Ask group 1 a question – when they get a question right they can place a token on the game board.
  • SUGGESTION: Because the game will not allow you to skip a turn a suggestion might be to ask an individual a question, and if they cannot answer it goes on to the next person in that group.  The person who answers it right gets to choose where to drop the token without any help from team mates.
  • The team that connects 4 tokens first wins that round.  You can tabulate the most rounds won to determine the team that won.
  • Reward Suggestions:  I like free!  I have offered that team gets to leave first and the other team has to wait.  A few points towards a homework assignment, or a free one day late pass on an assignment.

This same idea could be applied to any online game.  Does this spark any other ideas?  Any quick tips wor websites you want to share?