Back in the fall I spent the morning with the 7th grade math teachers on campus.  The focus of our training was how to use webcams in the math classrooms.  Mainly with the idea that a webcam costs under $100 and a document camera costs well over $700.  Our tech ed teacher built stands for the cameras and the teachers were sent back to their rooms to see what they could do with them. (See Original post:

So what ever happened with those web cams?  The teachers are using them as  document cameras to show how to work problems and as a clear way to model the use of manipulatives.  They have also taken advantage of the video capabilities.  Natalie Ortega has led the way with establishing her own YouTube channel to organize the videos for quick reference:

Here is one of the latest videos to be posted:

These videos are being created as she teaches the class.  What a great resource for those who are absent, or need to see it again once they get home!  Parents who are trying to help their students can see how they were taught to tackle the problems.