Recently this web site was sent out through my PLN (personal learning network).  It was given as a suggestion for using technology to teach poetry.

Basically the website has photos and users can drag and drop words from their gallery onto the picture, or they can write free style.  Here is my first attempt:

PicLit from

See the full PicLit at

I then started digging around and found it also offer lessons plans on how teachers can use this site to teach grammar, figurative language and poetry.  Those resources caught my eye and made me want to share this sight with the teachers on campus.

Other ideas? I asked around and got some responses from our Literacy Coach and started this list:

  • poetry
  • Bernabei’s Truisms
  • character traits
  • motivation resources
  • Anything!

Here are some recent blogs written about using Pic-Lits in the classroom:

So how could you use this resource in your classroom?  Please share anything you create or have your kids create so we can learn together!