After posting the update about web cams, I started looking for other new ideas out there for math videos.  Here are a few resources I found:


Why do we need to know this?  I’ll never use this in the real world.  The answer to these questions can be found in this math infomercial.  As you watch think about how the kids could create their own infomercial about your subject and discover for themselves how it really can be used in the real world!

Math Video Resources

If you want to get started in making math videos, or just learn more about what is possible, check out this wiki:

This site contains math videos organized by category and are created and sent in by students:

This is a YouTube Channel dedicated to gathering math instructional videos –

This wiki is created by a math teacher and contains “collaboratively-constructed, student-designed review materials for building math skills!” –

Just for fun.

You gotta love a music video produced by Mu Alpha Theta:

I’ve shared this before, but it is worth seeing again: