I have just completed my 15th year in education and as I begin the second half of my teaching career I have become more reflective on my teaching style and what I can bring to my educational role as an Instructional Technology Specialist.   Each year as a teacher I come into the new year with a goal in mind.  In the early years it was discipline and how to manage the classroom without going home defeated every day.  As the years went by I focused more on content delivery and how can I hook my students into wanting to learn about people, places and events of the past.  Not an easy task when working with middle school students!  As I moved into Instructional Technology my goals have been focused on learning as much as I can in order to share that info with the teachers.

I have a new goal this year – help my teachers set goals focused on technology.  How can I help them gain confidence, try something new, or challenge those more tech savy than others?   We also have the new challenge of testing our students to make sure they are getting the technology info they need.

I have given the teachers copies of the  TA TEKS, SBEC standardsBloom’s Digital Taxonomy, and the Levels of Technology Integration to get them thinking.   As they begin to come back to campus I am looking forward to seeing what goals are set and the challenge of trying to meet the individual needs of my staff.  I am also looking for different ways to deliver staff development to the campus.   This blog will be one of those ways.

I am looking forward to the journey.