Google forms can be used to create a quiz that can be graded automatically in the spreadsheet using formulas.  To save you time, these instructions are for a 20 question (or less) quiz using the template with the formulas already entered. 

Self Graded Quizzes in Google

  1. Open up the following spreadsheet:
  2. Save a copy of the spreadsheet into your own Google account.
  3. Make a copy of the spreadsheet for a new quiz. Important so any changes on this quiz will not affect future quizzes! Open the spreadsheet and go to File – “Make a Copy.” Give the spreadsheet a new name
  4. In the new spreadsheet go to Form – Edit Form
  5. Do not remove the name or class period fields, as that will affect the formulas to grade the quizzes. You may edit the class periods field to represent just the classes you teach.
  6. Add your question items to the form. Remember spelling will count against the results, so choose wisely when making your question types.
  7. Make any changed to the theme
  8. Save your form.
  9. Open up your quiz and answer the questions correctly to create the answer key. Suggestion is to use Answer and Key as the first and last name fields.
  10. Submit your answers.
  11. Open the spreadsheet.
  12. On the “Answers” worksheet, select and copy row 2.
  13. Go to the “Test Answers” worksheet and paste the copied row into that worksheet’s Row 2.
  14. Fill in the number of questions the quiz contains into cell B8.
  15. Go to worksheet “Results.” If your quiz contains less than 20 questions, delete the extra question columns.
  16. Make sure everything is saved.
  17. Share the quiz link by directly linking to the quiz, or by embedding it into another webpage.
    • TeacherWeb – Enhanced Text page in the html view
    • Wiki – an html widget box
    • Blog – into a post with the html view

To get grades:

  1. After students have taken the quiz, open your spreadsheet.
  2. Go to the “Results” worksheet. If needed, fill the formulas from Row 2 all the way down the worksheet.
  3. The averages should be displayed in column D. Check a few responses to make sure the formulas copied correctly.

To create a new quiz be sure to start from the original spreadsheet and not from a used quiz.

Download the directions here with screenshots:  Google Forms – Self Graded Quizzes