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A New Look at Wordle

I ran across this and thought I would share.   Using Wordle to create posters and original pieces had never occurred to me!  She also links to other sites and ideas at the end of the presentation as well as includes how she created some of the slides.  It is worth checking out!

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Skype in Education

I recently polled my staff on various technology training topics.   Surprisingly the most requested training was on Skype and webcams.  What is the hook with Skype and how can it be used in education?

I started putting together a wikipage on the ins and outs of Skype and uses.  I can see how this can make a difference.  Today I was researching through my PLN on twitter and ran across a presentation by Robert Marzano who was emphasizng the need for feedback and how interactive whiteboards and clickers helped provide that for students.  This got me thinking about how vital videoconferencing could be on doing the same thing.

Student could connect with others, explain learning, and perform a band piece to an expert and get immediate real-world feedback on their learning.   No longer are they doing the work for the teacher to see, but for a real person that they can see and talk to.  I am getting more excited about Skype.

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