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More Super Bowl Lesson Ideas

I’ve found a few more resources/lessons that use the Super Bowl or football as the jumping point for the lessons and wanted to pass them on:

  • Education World  – – lessons for art, social studies, math and science based on football and the SuperBowl
  • Lesson Planet –  – Football lesson plans
  • Football Math –

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Super Bowl Commercials in the Classroom

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Appointment television at it’s best with the thrill of the game and the fun of the commercials!   Why not use this important social event in American culture to pull students into learning? 

What has caught my attention the most right now is the use of commercials in the classroom.  Several websites have collected the “Best of the Best” of Superbowl commercials from over the years.  You can search by year or by product to choose attention grabbing hooks to your classroom.

Commercials can be hooks into your assignment, examples of what students can create themselves, or elements of it can be analyzed to illustrate what is happening in the classroom.

Take this Coca-Cola Commercial:

Science teachers could the laws of physics that were involved in moving the bottle and the insects that were used and what natural characteristics of that insect made it useful for each step of the heist.

Watch a propoganda ad to discuss what techniques were used to make their point.

Look for persuasiveness in an ad to see how you could use those techniques in your writing.

Any subject can have students make their own commercials based on what they are studying.   A few ideas are:

  • Ad for why the Constitution is important today
  • Show an M&M commercial and talk about the personification of the candy.    Apply that to the study of chemical elements.  Give your element a personality and it’s own commercial.
  • Persuade people to read your book

Any other ideas?

To find superbowl ads check out these resources:

Some of these ads may not be appropriate for all grade levels.   Please preview all sites before using in the classroom.

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Skype in Education

Here is the presentation I used recently to introduce Skype to teachers on campus:

I am looking forward to what they decide to do with this great FREE tool.

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