The Winter Olympics are 10 days away.  Soon the TV airwaves will be full ofwinter sports, some of which we only get to see every 4 years.  So how can you incorporate this historic event into your classroom?  I’ve gone through several websites (listed at the bottom of this post) and grouped some ideas into different subject areas to get us started thinking about it.


  • Research the history of the Olympics
  • Compare and contrast the ancient Olympics with the modern day ones
  • Research the customs of different teams at the Olympics or of the Host Country
  • Tie Black History month in with the Olympics by researching African American Athletes – such as Jesse Owen and Muhamed Ali
  • Character Education lessons


  • Explore the engineering of a sport and the equipment that is used in the sport.
  • Anatomy of an Athlete – what makes some people “super” athletes?  Scientists study the human body to understand how it works and how  athletes can be better
  • Weather – track the weather throughout the area.  What influences the weather in that region?  What about the weather in that area makes it ideal for the Winter Olympics to be held there?
  • Check out –


  • Chart the results of the games
  • Use statistics from the games to work math problems.
  • Measurement – How far is it to travel to the games?  How much would it cost?

Language Arts:

  • Write biographies of Olympic Athletes (past and/or present)
  • Summarize the events of the game or the results of an event.
  • Research a sport and how it has developed over the years.
  • Cover an Olympic Event as a sports reporter

Art –

  • create posters to illustrate the history of the game.
  • Design icons for each event
  • Design a tickets to events to represent Canada and the sporting event.


More resources will be added here as I find them.  Be sure to check this Diigo account as we get closer to the games for more ideas.

Diigo Account: