How do you get your student’s attention? We used to call this the anticipatory set, the hook or now the popular term is the engagement piece.

Consider showing this video to introduce a unit on Sharecropping and Cotton Production in Texas:

Set the stage by asking students to describe the images and the faces.  How are the the same or different from their lives today?  What assumptions can you make about life during that time?

Images are powerful.  In our digital age students are used to seeing the images to help them identify and connect with the events being talked about.  Think about how fast images can be broadcast about any event that is occuring.

How to Make Videos:

Animoto helps present those images in a way that is easy and interesting to your students.

Animoto is a web tool that allows users to create videos using your own images, video clips (up to 10 seconds) and music.  You can also choose from their collection of music that includes tracks from popular artists.  Animoto then analyzes the media you have chosen to create a custom video.  Transitions and videos are adjusted to fit the music chosen.

Finished videos can be played from the website, embedded into other webpages (think wikis, blogs and teacherWeb),  emailed out or uploaded to YouTube.

The best part is that now Animoto is providing unlimited access to educators. This means you can create unlimited videos with various lengths and your students can too.

To create your own Animoto Account for Educators go to:

How can You Use these Videos in Class:

  • Commercials for upcoming Events
  • Book Trailers
  • Videos of Class Field Trips
  • Summarize a Class Project
  • Interpret a Topic you are studying with images.

Remember these videos could be student created or teacher created.

Other Examples:

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