Today’s idea makes use of the document camera as a convenient digital cameras and video recorders for the classroom.

Consider some ways a camera would come in handy, take a picture of:

  • Classroom notes for students who are absent or need to review them later.  Post that picture on your webpage for easy access.
  • Each step of a process to show the steps involved.
  • A student’s work for use as a sample later on, or to email home with notes on student progress.
  • The white board to record the information presented in class
  • An example project to show how a completed project should look.

Video cameras are also very handy to have in the classroom.  Here are a few examples of things to video:

  • An explanation of how to complete a problem or assignment.  Post it online (teacherweb, youtube, etc) for students to have access to at home.
  • Class instructions for a substitute.   Give the lesson yourself so the teaching continues while you are gone.
  • Lab experiments for absent students.
  • Student presentations – Turn the camera to record students presenting for the classroom.

What could you add to these lists?   Please leave ideas in the comment section below.

Your document camera needs to be connected to your computer with a USB cable and the software should be installed.  Download instructions for creating a video with the Samsung Document Camera 860 – Instructions – pdf