My Web Wandering Wednesday post got me thinking about cell phones in education.  Although I believe there is a place for them, the mom in me worries about what we are exposing kids to when we begin to more openly allow them and encourage them.  How many more predators have access, how many more bullying incidents can occur, how many more unwanted video clips will be turning up on youtube and how much more time will be spent facebooking rather than working?

As with any new technology there are always the questions and the concerns.  I have begin looking into what people are doing and what those results are.  How do the schools and teachers using the technology deal with the downsides and make the incorporation worth it?  The technology is coming and we must be ready.  The reality is that kids are using them in class anyway, why not direct them to use them in more productive ways?   Even with my own kids if they want to know something we get the phone out and google it.    At ages 3 and 5 this is the world they know.   What kind of technology and access to technology are they going to want when they get to middle school and high school?   If I don’t learn how to use it wisely now, I will surely be at a disadvantage when my kids reach that age.

So the research begins to educate myself on the realities of cell phone use in class and not just the fears or hopes.   I look forward to the journey.

Here are 3 sites I found interesting on the topic:

Cell Phones in the Classroom – The results of a pilot program that gave phones to students and what was accomplished.  A great discussion continues in the comments following the article as well.

From Toys to Tools – “A conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula.”   This is a blog site dedicated to the integration of cell phones into the classroom.  The site author also has a book out by the same name.   Lots of posts and links about phones in schools including in the recent post, statistics about cell phones and kids.

Teaching Today – Cell Phones in the Classroom – A brief overview of what is happening with phones in classrooms from a textbook publishers’ perspective.