So far the talk has been about composing a summary statement.  What about having a conversation?  Twitter is a place where ideas can be thrown out to the world and others can respond.   So how can be that used in the classroom?

Ideas for twittering in the classroom:

  • Role Playing Tweets: Have the class take on the role of a famous person or literary character and then compose tweets from that point of view.
    • What would the framer’s of the constitution have tweeted while negotiating the Bill of Rights?
    • What would the states have tweeted as the Union began to fall apart leading up to the Civil War?
    • How would Scout have reported on the trial in To Kill a Mocking Bird?
    • Choose a pivotal point in a story and have the characters send out tweets  reflecting on the events and/or predicting events to come
  • Class Discussions:
    • Summarize lab results
    • Discuss examples of a scientific theory in real life
    • Discuss math in real life
    • Class could discuss a novel, an event, or topic
    • Have people choose sides of a debate and send in tweets to promote their side
    • Students could ask questions about the unit being studied and others could post answers.

Scaffolding (easing it in)

  • Have the entire class create the tweet and post it.
  • Have each class period take on a character and post from that point of view to the other class periods.
  • Tweet between classes in the same class period.  If Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith have classes 2nd period studying the same topic, the teacher could have the chat on the projector screen and as a class you can decide what messages to send.  This could also include classrooms outside of your own campus.
  • Divide students into groups and have the groups compose statements and responses to send.
  • Have each student assume a character and post responses

Tools to Make it Happen: