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Twitter Tuesdays – September 27th

Video Resources:

YouTube Channel for Teachers:

@pseudotechgeek: RT @mheducation: YouTube goes live with new channel for #teachers: ~by @tinabarseghian #edtech

Another Good Professional Development Website is Teaching Channel: – a web site dediecated to bringing you good teaching videos to help you grow professionally

 Khan Academy – instructional videos in math, science and the humanities.   Excellent videos to post on your website for reteaching opportunities or to shos in class so kids can hear and see it a different way.

@educationweek: Blog: Learning Math the Khan Academy Way #edtech

Good Technology Modeling for Students:

Ideas on Way to be a good Technology Role Model

RT @pschoolsystems: 20 Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students #edchat #edtech

 Digital Storytelling:

 28 Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators

 RT @missnoor28: Digital #Storytelling Tools for Educators | @scoopit #edtech #edchat



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Twitter Tuesday – September 20th

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Webtool divided out by Bloom’s taxonomy – great resource to find new tools

@shannonmmiller and @mrplough07-Tools for Teaching Students at the Top of Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Digital Storytelling Tools

@cossie29: Updated- Digital Storytelling Tools on @scoopit So many fantastic tools out there to encourage a passion for writing!

QR Codes in the Classroom

@SadlierSchool: Using QR Codes in the Classroom via @edutopia #edchat #edtech @dgrice @rjacklin @dawblack :)

Flipped Classroom –

Firsthand accounts of teaching in a flipped classrom.

@haikulearning: 7 Stories from Educators About Teaching in the Flipped Classroom (via Emerging Ed Tech) #edtech

A great infographic explaining what a flipped classroom is and how it developed.

subatomicdoc: The Flipped Classroom [Infographic] via @Knewton #meded #edtech

Twitter Tuesdays – September 13th

Resources and Ideas:  Contains many useful websites and tips for educators using technology.  Recent posts include google docs tips, September 11th resources, and 3-D tours of the solar system.

@IanBurley31  – Wow, what a great tech resource, of tech resources!! #edtech #educhat #soudhs

Library of Congress –This is a list of 10 fun things you can do at their website including virtual tours, trivia games, podcasts, webcasts, photos , science mysteries,  and catch online e3xhibits.

@sheconsulting  10 Things U Can Do 4 Fun & Learning On The Library Of Congress Online via @Zite RT @nmhs_principal #edu #edtech

StudyJams – these contain Math and Science concepts that students can explore with video, explanation slides and check for understanding opportunities.  These are from scholastic and are well done!   Some may be too basic, but many are appropriate for middle school.

@MsThomas79 Fractions: Here is the video from Scholastic’s Study Jams we viewed in class today and some inte… #edchat #edtech

Storybird – students can publish their writings or create books to explain a concept with Storybird.  This blog post explores ways two teachers have incorporated this tools into their teaching.

@gret New Teacher Boot Camp Fall Re-Boot:Week 3 Using Storybird #ntchat by @teachingwthsoul #edchat

YouTube – “Last month, 16 teachers from across the country got together at Google’s Seattle office for the YouTube Teachers Studio — a sort of bootcamp to learn how to best use YouTube in the classroom.”  Contains 5 great videos that show what YouTube has to offer and why these types of videos are worth using.

@stem_high  5 reasons to use YouTube in the classroom 5 reasons to use YouTube in the classroom – #edtech #edchat

Wikispaces – New tool – set up projects in your wiki – worth taking a second look at wikispaces for use with students!

@geraldaungst I discovered Projects in my wiki today and am psyched! Brilliant! Thank you @wikispaces!

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Twitter Tuesday – Sept. 6th

Hashtags make twitter searchable.  They begin with the pound sign and are followed by text – ex. #tgif.   Anyone can create and add a hashtags to their tweet.  Conferences will designate a hashtag for their attendees to use so others attending the conference can keep up with the back channel conversations on twitter.    You don’t have to be a part of twitter to search for hashtags – just go to and enter in the hashtag to search for any posts that contain that tag.  Some of my favorite hashtags to search for educational resources are #edchat and #edtech.

Here are a few articles that caught my attention on twitter this week.


Cell Phones –Texting Help

Remind 101:  A texting Service for Teachers

@laurieyingling: Remind101 – safely text message students and stay in touch with parents #edtech via @remind101
Students and parents can sign up to receive text messages from the teacher.  Teachers never see the kids’ numbers and the kids never see the teacher’s numbers.  Think of this as another way to do a newsflash, especially fi you don’t use teacherweb.   And it is free!


Technology Websites:

@mr_avery: The unveiling of my brand new blog, Tech Tutorials and the first post about how to use VoiceThread! #edchat #6thchat
This blog explains Voicethread, gives video tutorials as well as examples and ideas for classroom integration.

Educational Articles


Scienctific America Podcast:  Drawing Helps Students Learn

@sciam Doodles And Drawings Help Cement Concepts #EdChat #SciChat
60 Second podcast linking drawing to better comprehension in students

Several Ways To Help Students Become Better Listeners – an article by Larry Ferlazzo.
@tcbird1: Response: Several Ways To Help Students Become Better Listeners #edchat #elemchat

45 Ideas for Class Blog Posts
@web20classroom: Over 45 Ideas For Class Blog Posts: #edtech
 good list of ways to put more life into your class blog and/or website.

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