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Technology Tuesday: Infographics

Infographics are all the rage. I have seen them on blog postings, shared on facebook, pinned on pinterest, printed in papers and in magazines. Basically they are a graphic representation of information. Think about USA Today, they have been doing this for years, taking data and displaying it with bright colors and images to make a point and display the data in a way that is easy to understand. Several subject areas TEKS require students to be able to read data from a chart, graph or image and draw conclusions. Infographics are a way to do that.

For those of you that are visual learners here is a great video on Inforgraphics as a Creative Assessment:

Infographics as a Creative Assessment from Kathy Schrock on Vimeo.

Examples of Infographics:

Use infographics in the classroom:
Search google using “infographics” and your keywords to see what is available on the internet. Use the projector to display and discuss the information available on the infographic.

Taking it a step further:
Students could make their own infographic as a creative assessment using Excel for the charts and graphs and Publisher for the layout of the information. What a great way to report on a country or a historical event, or any topic that is organized around data of some kind.

Students have to

    • choose the appropraite data
    • graphics to help visualize the data
    • organize the information to tell a story or get their point across.

Other Resurces:

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Technology Tuesday: January 17th

Cool Resources:

I Fake Text  – create screen shots of fake text message conversations to simulate conversations that could have happened.  Ideas include:  2 characters from a story, 2 historical figures, practice dialogue for a foreign language, practice using new vocabulary in sentences, and include these in your powerpoints to get student’s attention.  Step by step guide and ideas can be found at:

Triptico  – This does require a download to use (which the district now approves).  This resource allows you to create interactive resources such as Word Magnets, class timers, class lists with random name pickers, score boards for class games, matching squares for vocabulary or quotes, order sequence activities, spinners, question quizzes, and more.  This is a great resource if you have a smart slate or just want to use your projector in ways that are more interactive for the classroom.   If you want this installed on your teacher machine, fill in the tech help form to get on my list.

Apps in Education  – Check out this blog entry for a list of great apps (apple) for teachers to have.  The list breaks down the app, what it costs and what it does.  The website also has iPad lists for certain subject areas as well.  Great place to start if you are wanting to check out apps for your device.

Android Apps  – Not to leave Android users out – here is a list of android apps and how they rank in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  This list is put together by Kathy Schrock and is a great list to work from.


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