I have been finding that the ideas about what to blog about are eluding me lately. I do not know what to contribute to the educational technology world other than what other people are sharing. So after reading several other blogs lately I am going to try something new – making it a bit more personal by recapping what I do on the front lines of the Instructional Technology World. Teachers are doing some amazing things lately and if I don’t take a few minutes to record those, I will forget that I am making a difference at the campus at which I work.

April 22 – 26

Last week was a state testing week and much of my time was spent making sure that the online testing we were trying out was going well. Not exciting and certainly not a memorable ed-tech week. I was able to make into classrooms before and after testing and saw some great uses of technology. Science teachers are teaching biology and anatomy through online exploration of body systems in their annual medical school. In Language Arts students were reviewing for the STAAR test using Socrative and Turning Points to provide last minute clarifications to students on TEKS they were not quite grasping. Now that testing is over technology is in full use for the next month. I will be busy!

The other bright spot this past week was I got notification from Google that I was selected to be a Certified Google Apps for Education Trainer! Last year I participated in training and testing for this certification and finally this winter I finished my application and turned it in for consideration. I am a little overwhelmed at this moment trying to make sense of what exactly this means, but at the same time am excited at the doors that could be opening for me.