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Google Earth: Layers

There is something powerful about having first hand knowledge.  My daughter and I were reading an animal book recently that asks you to match up the pictures with different features, like feet, fur, colors, etc.  Usually we struggle through this book and she can’t quite seem to see all the connections.  This time however she got all the matches right off.  What was different?  We had recently gone to the zoo.  Now all those pictures represented real things and she was more in tune with what they were asking since she had her own experiences to pull from!

This started me thinking about the power of field trips and what it really means to have a student that has never left the town they live in.  Then I thought of all the powerul tools we have to give students “virtual” field trips.  Google Earth is a great venue to make this happen.  With the ability to turn on different layers you can take the basic sattelite images and explore anywhere you want to go, includign the ocean.  Turn on 3D building layer and see the skyline of major cities, or of historic sites like the Alamo.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use layers in Google Earth.


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Podcasts and Politics

I have been trying to send out various podcasts in hopes of inspiring you to become listeners of what is happening online.  Ridgeview will be launching it’s own podcast forum in the next few weeks (look for it before Spring Break).

 In getting away for a few moments from education I thought this week I’d show you how the presidential candidates are using this new technology by making their speeches and stances on issues available through the internet and podcasts. You can subscribe to these so you can be up to date on all the latest in the political arena. As always, be careful when looking for resources to check out the spin that might be there and see who is hosting the files.

If you would like to learn how to subscribe to podcasts or blogs of any sort, please email me and we can maybe set up a class (before or after school) to teach you how to do this. There are some great education ones, current events, technology, sports, basically anything you can think of!

Campaigns and Candidates

Specific Candidate Audio/Video Resources:

To find more, just type in the candidates name and podcasts into Google.  Remember – please don’t send students to do this as they aren’t great yet in discerning good info from bad.

Disclaimer: By sending these out I am in no way endorsing any candidate, just trying to show you what the possibilities are in finding resources on line for your personal and professional development. :)

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Introduction to a Podcast

To become more familiar with what podcasts are and what they can offer us as educators, I thought I would send out links to good podcasts for teachers to listen to from time to time. These podcasts can be subscribed to so you are notified when new shows are broadcasted. They can be listened to on your computer, or downloaded for listening on your ipod (or other mp3 player).

Podcast of the Week:

New Teacher Hotline –

This podcast is about teaching and is presented by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. Recent shows include interviews with New York’s Teacher of the Year, “I’m your Son’s Tormentor,” and “God, Please Let Him be Absent.” They are all about 24 minutes long, but by listening to part of a broadcast, you can get a feel for what works about podcasts and the info that cna be presented.

If you need help in setting up a subscription to this or need computer updates to listen to the file, please let me know!

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