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Technology Tuesday – February 28th

Twiddla is an online virtual whiteboard where folks can get together to mark up a document, website, image, or white board for group collaboration.  Chats can also occur to allow folks to contribute and collaborate without being in the same room.  Try it out:  I uploaded the BYOT infographic and you can color on the page or circle images, draw, etc.   In your classroom this would be a great way to have student collaborate on word problems, projects, analyzing literature, etc.  As professionals you can use it to plan events or lessons with teachers from across campus, or from other campuses.    Did I mention it is free and no sign in is required to use the site.


Linoit – ( I LOVE this site!  This creates a virtual bulletin board with various backgrounds.  Place sticky notes with due dates, images, videos, etc.  This could be a great launching pad for your classroom if you display this on your screen at the beginning of the period or a place to organize resources for a project.  Items can also be added from a iPhone/iPad (no android apps at this point).  Items can also be added by email.


PBS Learning Media (  is a collection of all things educational on the PBS website.  The categories include Arts, ELA, Health/PE, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Professional Development.   Resources can also be searched for by grade level, media type and resource type,  A login is required, but access is free.   resources include interactives as well as videos, documents, audio and pictures.  A wealth of resources worth checking into.


Science Links:

Periodic Table of Elements ( – videos for each element, some more entertaining than others but does a good job of explaining the properties of each element and getting a good glimpse of what they look like.
Web Adventures ( – created by Rice University this teachers science through role play and web games.  Topics include infectious diseases, impact of alcohol on the body, the neuroscience approach to substance abuse, become a  member of CSI and learn to solve crimes with forensic techniques, and explore science as an apprentice.  Well-done and thought out this site deserves a look!


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Technology Tuesday: January 17th

Cool Resources:

I Fake Text  – create screen shots of fake text message conversations to simulate conversations that could have happened.  Ideas include:  2 characters from a story, 2 historical figures, practice dialogue for a foreign language, practice using new vocabulary in sentences, and include these in your powerpoints to get student’s attention.  Step by step guide and ideas can be found at:

Triptico  – This does require a download to use (which the district now approves).  This resource allows you to create interactive resources such as Word Magnets, class timers, class lists with random name pickers, score boards for class games, matching squares for vocabulary or quotes, order sequence activities, spinners, question quizzes, and more.  This is a great resource if you have a smart slate or just want to use your projector in ways that are more interactive for the classroom.   If you want this installed on your teacher machine, fill in the tech help form to get on my list.

Apps in Education  – Check out this blog entry for a list of great apps (apple) for teachers to have.  The list breaks down the app, what it costs and what it does.  The website also has iPad lists for certain subject areas as well.  Great place to start if you are wanting to check out apps for your device.

Android Apps  – Not to leave Android users out – here is a list of android apps and how they rank in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  This list is put together by Kathy Schrock and is a great list to work from.


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Technology Tuesday – November 29th

This year I was trying to share resources that I found on twitter each Tuesday.  I found this to be a little exclusive and was wanting to allow resources i found from some of my favorite blogs as well.  So I am expanding from Twitter Tuesday to Technology Tuesday.   Flexibility is always nice to have.


Technology Websites to Check out:

Flipsnack – Think about the online ad papers that you can flip through. This sites creates those kinds of interactive files. Save your files as a pdf file or scan papers into one pdf file and then load it online to create a virtual flipbook. Various styles to choose from. The free account does has limits, but a nice option to make a virtual book of directions or from the kids work. Books are embeddable and can be shared by URL. Check out my sample at:

7 Web 2.0 Animation Tools: – This blog posts reviews 7 different ways to create animations. Great site to check out the options!

Human Anatomy – offers 3d Models of the human body. Different body systems can be turned on to show up at a time and the body can be freely rotated to see the different angles.

Documentary Tube: – a collection of documentaries available online. Search by subject such as science, history, biography, disasters, or travel for instance. I saw a cool one created by BBC on how the memory works and another one about Hitler’s children. The quality of the video is low when expanded full screen, and the site links you to amazon to purchase the documentary on DVD. Reminder: As always preview the video, check to see who produced the documentary and what agenda it had before showing anything to students.

Cool Apps:

Sock Puppets:  (Apple only) Create 30 second sock puppet shows for free and the recordings can then be uploaded into Youtube. You can purchase more recording time, backgrounds and puppets inside the app. Read a review of the app here:

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Cell Phones in Education – The Journey Begins

My Web Wandering Wednesday post got me thinking about cell phones in education.  Although I believe there is a place for them, the mom in me worries about what we are exposing kids to when we begin to more openly allow them and encourage them.  How many more predators have access, how many more bullying incidents can occur, how many more unwanted video clips will be turning up on youtube and how much more time will be spent facebooking rather than working?

As with any new technology there are always the questions and the concerns.  I have begin looking into what people are doing and what those results are.  How do the schools and teachers using the technology deal with the downsides and make the incorporation worth it?  The technology is coming and we must be ready.  The reality is that kids are using them in class anyway, why not direct them to use them in more productive ways?   Even with my own kids if they want to know something we get the phone out and google it.    At ages 3 and 5 this is the world they know.   What kind of technology and access to technology are they going to want when they get to middle school and high school?   If I don’t learn how to use it wisely now, I will surely be at a disadvantage when my kids reach that age.

So the research begins to educate myself on the realities of cell phone use in class and not just the fears or hopes.   I look forward to the journey.

Here are 3 sites I found interesting on the topic:

Cell Phones in the Classroom – The results of a pilot program that gave phones to students and what was accomplished.  A great discussion continues in the comments following the article as well.

From Toys to Tools – “A conversation about integrating student cell phones into classroom curricula.”   This is a blog site dedicated to the integration of cell phones into the classroom.  The site author also has a book out by the same name.   Lots of posts and links about phones in schools including in the recent post, statistics about cell phones and kids.

Teaching Today – Cell Phones in the Classroom – A brief overview of what is happening with phones in classrooms from a textbook publishers’ perspective.

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Web Wandering Wednesday – Apps

WolframAlpha – –  describes itslef as ” the world’s first and only computational knowledge engine.”  Enter in a location and learn the population, elevation, unemployment rate, etc for the area.   Enter in a math problem and see the solutions appear.  The help page give examples of searches to try.  This is also available as an ap for iPhones and Androids, so download the ap on the school iPod Touch for a good resource for students.

While we are on the subject of  apps…

Top 50 Free Education Apps: – pulled from iTunes – this site lists the best/most popular free apps for education.   Some seem a little more gamey than educational, but the list is worth a look.

Droid does Education – – ISTE compiled a list of the best android apps for education.

Free Education Apps for Android OS – – this list is broken into grade levels.

What are you favorite sites and apps?

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