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Getting started with Audacity

I had a request from the 6th grade science teachers to create a video tutorial on Audacity so kids who choose to make a podcast in an upcoming webquest, could do so if they so chose.  I thought I would share the video here as well.


Here is the handout that goes with it.  Audacity Basics

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How to Podcast – sort of…

This post explains a work around to posting audio files when you don’t have the space to host and stream the files.

Back in the fall the US History teachers wanted to post student created audio files and videos quickly (24 hours turn around). We didn’t have a space to host these types of files for easy access.  I could handle the video portion with the help of TeacherTube.  But where to host the audio files easily?  We decided to try TeacherTube as well, but first needed to transfer the audio to video files.  Here is our solution:

  1. Gathered audio files (created with Audacity) saved as wav files.
  2. Created a splash page using a PowerPoint slide and saving the slide as a jpg.
  3. Using PhotoStory 3 – import the PowerPoint slide. (Note: take off the pan and scan option in customize motion – scanning across text slides can be annoying!)
  4. Import your audio file. 
  5. Preview the file to make sure the entire audio file plays.
  6. Save the project and save it as for best for playback on your computer.

We then uploaded all the video files and the “audio” files (now videos) to Teacher Tube.  This allowed us to embed the files into the student’s wiki pages. 

This started the school on the path to podcasting, even though this was technically not podcasting.  Now we have a blog space that can hos the files and provide the syndication needed to classify it as a “podcast.”

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Testing The Waters for iPods in the Classroom

Final exams are wrapping up and by all accounts it looks like our little experiment is working out well.  What was it?  I have been exploring using iPods in the classroom and had mentioned the possibilities to a colleague on campus.  She ran with the idea and next thing I know we have all the final exams recorded and saved as mp3s so that students who need the test read to them can listen and move at their own pace.  I thought I would share what we have done, and see if anyone has ideas to help out for the future.

  1. Using Audacity each test was recorded. 
    • Pauses between each question is important. 
    • Break up large tests into several different recording files.  This allows for students to better manage what they are listening to.
  2. Files were saved as mp3 files.  Remember to do that you need to download the required dll file.
    • Establish a naming convention so if files were to be put on iPods, the files are easily accessed.
    • Edit the ID3 tags so that you have a naming convention that works for each test.  Once again it makes it easier if the recordings are going to be loaded on an iPod or other mp3 player.
  3. An internal web page was developed so that all the files were easily accessed by clicking on links.  This kept the tests secure and helped the students navigate easily between different sections of the test.
  4. The tests were given/  Students came into the lab and using the internal web page choose the correct test and were able to pause and rewind as needed.

So did it make a difference?  I haven’t seen the test scores, but the students seemed very focused and the teachers facilitating the testing rooms were happy and not running around trying to keep everyone on task.

The next step?  Now that we have a handle on this, we can continue to record tests and load on iPods.  Also we can begin to develop different teaching/study aide files and podcast them out through the help of blog sites.

One small step for Web 2.0, but a huge step for our campus. 

Suggestions? Ideas?  Has anyone else had experience with this and have insight on the next step?

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