It is that time of the year, when we all need to take a mental break from time to time. Here are a list of sites that can help take your mind off of the testing season and onto something completely different. – is a collection of web sites/stories/postings that other people have found interesting.  if you like something you can “digg” it and the more votes or diggs something gets the higher on the list it becomes.  Search by category or by most recent “dugg stories.”  Very interesting stuff can be
found here.

Stumble Upon – “StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more. Discover your web with StumbleUpon.”  Organized more visually than Digg, but also has categories to break down what type of information you want.

LinkedIn – Connect with people from your past.  The object of the game is to make as many connections as possible.  Actually the point of this website is to help you network with those you went to high school or  college with or worked with in the past.   I actually found my old college roommate here and found out what she is up to now.

Symmetry Lab – build machines and change what they do by adjusting friction, gravity, etc.  Okay – so maybe this is a little educational, but it is kinda fun as well.

Ellen and the Hula Chair – Need a laugh?  Watch and enjoy!



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