Video Resources:

YouTube Channel for Teachers:

@pseudotechgeek: RT @mheducation: YouTube goes live with new channel for #teachers: ~by @tinabarseghian #edtech

Another Good Professional Development Website is Teaching Channel: – a web site dediecated to bringing you good teaching videos to help you grow professionally

 Khan Academy – instructional videos in math, science and the humanities.   Excellent videos to post on your website for reteaching opportunities or to shos in class so kids can hear and see it a different way.

@educationweek: Blog: Learning Math the Khan Academy Way #edtech

Good Technology Modeling for Students:

Ideas on Way to be a good Technology Role Model

RT @pschoolsystems: 20 Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students #edchat #edtech

 Digital Storytelling:

 28 Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators

 RT @missnoor28: Digital #Storytelling Tools for Educators | @scoopit #edtech #edchat



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