This year I was trying to share resources that I found on twitter each Tuesday.  I found this to be a little exclusive and was wanting to allow resources i found from some of my favorite blogs as well.  So I am expanding from Twitter Tuesday to Technology Tuesday.   Flexibility is always nice to have.


Technology Websites to Check out:

Flipsnack – Think about the online ad papers that you can flip through. This sites creates those kinds of interactive files. Save your files as a pdf file or scan papers into one pdf file and then load it online to create a virtual flipbook. Various styles to choose from. The free account does has limits, but a nice option to make a virtual book of directions or from the kids work. Books are embeddable and can be shared by URL. Check out my sample at:

7 Web 2.0 Animation Tools: – This blog posts reviews 7 different ways to create animations. Great site to check out the options!

Human Anatomy – offers 3d Models of the human body. Different body systems can be turned on to show up at a time and the body can be freely rotated to see the different angles.

Documentary Tube: – a collection of documentaries available online. Search by subject such as science, history, biography, disasters, or travel for instance. I saw a cool one created by BBC on how the memory works and another one about Hitler’s children. The quality of the video is low when expanded full screen, and the site links you to amazon to purchase the documentary on DVD. Reminder: As always preview the video, check to see who produced the documentary and what agenda it had before showing anything to students.

Cool Apps:

Sock Puppets:  (Apple only) Create 30 second sock puppet shows for free and the recordings can then be uploaded into Youtube. You can purchase more recording time, backgrounds and puppets inside the app. Read a review of the app here:

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