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Embedding YouTube in PowerPoint 2007

With the upgrade on campus from Office XP to Office 07 there was a need to rewrite the directions on embedding YouTube into PowerPoint.

Embedding a video allows for the presenter to stay within the PowerPoint environment and to filter out the ads and info that may surround the video on the internet.

Here is a powerpoint with the YouTube Video linked and the video embedded:   embed

Directions to Embed in PowerPoint 2007

Note: Your computer must have internet connection when showing the PowerPoint in order for the video to work.

  1. Look to see if the “Developer” ribbon is available on your toolbar.  If it is NOT:
    1. click on the Microsoft Orb (see red arrow)
    2. Click on “PowerPoint Options” on the bottom of the window.
    3. Under the “Popular” tab check S”Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”
    4. Click “OK”
  2. Open the Developer’s Ribbon and click on the “More Controls” option in the Controls box.
  3. Scroll down and select the option “Shockwave Flash Object” and click “OK.”
  4. On the PowerPoint slide click the mouse and draw a box where you want the video to be.
  5. Right click on the box you have just drawn and select “Properties.”
  6. Open Internet Explorer and find the video you want to embed in your presentation:
    1. Copy the URL in the address bar by highlighting the address and Ctrl + C
  7. Return to PowerPoint
  8. Paste the URL in the Properties Box in the “Movie” section.
  9. Change the URL by:
      1. Delete the “watch?” portion of the address
      2. Replace the “=” with a “/”
      3. Example
        1. From:
        2. To: v/aSVfYwdGSsQ
  10. Other items to change in the Properties Box:
    1. Loop – If you want the movie to play through once and stop select “False”
    2. Playing – If you want the movie to start automatically when the slide loads – “True” – Otherwise change to “False” if you want to click on the movie for it to start.
  11. Save your PowerPoint.
  12. Run the presentation and you should see the movie begin.

Here are the directions with screenshots in pdf Form: Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2007

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Super Bowl Commercials in the Classroom

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Appointment television at it’s best with the thrill of the game and the fun of the commercials!   Why not use this important social event in American culture to pull students into learning? 

What has caught my attention the most right now is the use of commercials in the classroom.  Several websites have collected the “Best of the Best” of Superbowl commercials from over the years.  You can search by year or by product to choose attention grabbing hooks to your classroom.

Commercials can be hooks into your assignment, examples of what students can create themselves, or elements of it can be analyzed to illustrate what is happening in the classroom.

Take this Coca-Cola Commercial:

Science teachers could the laws of physics that were involved in moving the bottle and the insects that were used and what natural characteristics of that insect made it useful for each step of the heist.

Watch a propoganda ad to discuss what techniques were used to make their point.

Look for persuasiveness in an ad to see how you could use those techniques in your writing.

Any subject can have students make their own commercials based on what they are studying.   A few ideas are:

  • Ad for why the Constitution is important today
  • Show an M&M commercial and talk about the personification of the candy.    Apply that to the study of chemical elements.  Give your element a personality and it’s own commercial.
  • Persuade people to read your book

Any other ideas?

To find superbowl ads check out these resources:

Some of these ads may not be appropriate for all grade levels.   Please preview all sites before using in the classroom.

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Embedding YouTube in Powerpoint 2002

In the past few weeks I have seen several good lessons that include showing video clips from YouTube. Sometimes switching from a website, back to a powerpoint or other file can be a little confusing while you are also trying to teach and keep the kids engaged.

Embedding the YouTube video into your Powerpoint allows it play right in the powerpoint instead of having to open another window for the internet.  Here is a quick video tutorial on how to do this:

Here are the written directions from a previous posting:

Find the movie you want to embed and find the URL:

  • In the address bar is the url  – highlight that info and copy it.
  • You must change the url by deleting the “watch?” and replace the “=” with a “/” |
    Ex. v/YcqJoE_78a0
  • Note: – will always be the same
    The end string “YcqJoE_78a0” is specific for each video.

To Embed it into PowerPoint:

1.   Open a Slide

2.   Go to View – Tools – Control Toolbox

3.   Click on the more controls button (hammer) and scroll down to find Shockwave Flash Object.

4.   A cross-hairs will appear for the cursor – so click and drag a box where you want the video to appear.

5.   Right click in the box and choose “properties”

6.   A properties box will appear  – scroll down to the item titled “Movie” and paste in the URL for the video.

7.   Save – view show.  The video will play once you double click on it, just like embedding on a website.

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Web Wandering Wednesdays – September 24th

SlideBoom – Previously I had shared about SlideShare as a way to share and embed powerpoints onto a web page.  Another option is SlideBoom.  What I like about SlideBoom is that the sound that you have recorded on the powerpoint transfers over.  Also the links stay active.  I have embedded a powerpoint I found on the site that explains how to add sound to a powerpoint.  A great teaching idea for absent students or at home reviews!

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Emebedding PowerPoint with Slide Share

So many teachers have created wonderful powerpoints to use in their teaching.  The problem then is how to give access to the presentation for the students who were absent, or maybe for those who would like to review the materials later.

No matter what site you choose to house your teacher web page, space is always an issue.  Powerpoints are space hogs and can eat up the alloted space very quickly.

One solution is to outsource or find a third party source to house the powerpoint which leaves the space on your website for other types of files.

SlideShare is a site that I have used lately for presentations, and most recently for the school web page.  This website allows you to upload powerpoints up to 100mb in size and then you can link to the file or embed the file onto any website.  Viewers can choose to view the powerpoint full screen or in the provided window, but they don’t have to download the file or have powerpoint on their compter to view the files.

How to use the site:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Click on “Upload”
  3. Browse for your presentation (more than one file can be chosen at a time).  Note – for PowerPoint 2007 users, the web site asks that you have saved your presenation as a .ppt and not a .pptx file.
  4. Choose your settings:
    • Name your file (or keep the name it has),
    • Enter tags or key words so it can be searched
    • Set the privacy levels (if you keep it public others can use your work – a nice way to give back for the ideas you borrow from others)
    • Give a brief description
    • Decide if you want others to be able to download the file, or only view in online.
    • Click on “Publish”
  5. It could take a few minutes to make the file available for viewing.  once it is converted, you can link to the file, or embed it onto your website.
  6. To Embed your powerpoint:
    • Click on the file to open it in slideshare
    • Locate the Embed code on the right side of the screen.
    • Copy the code
    • Paste it into the blog, wiki or web page of your choice (note: the code is html and will need to be pasted in html mode)
    • Save and test the file.
Here is an example of what it looks like once embeded.  (This was a powerpoint I used this summer in training.)
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Here are is an example of slideshare embedded on a wiki page:

Here is the link to my account on slideshare:

Another nice thing about this program is that you can search other people’s powerpoints and use them in your teaching.

So give it a try and let me know what you think.

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