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Interactive Excel – Conditional Formating

One thing I learned at TCEA was how to use conditional formatting in Excel.  This is probably something everyone else knows how to do, but I had always wondered how this was done, but had never asked.  Since this is new to me, I thought I would share.

Conditional Formatting:

I always wondered how people made excel sheets that seemed interactive.  It comes down to formatting.

If you type in a question:  What is the capital of Texas?

In the cell you want an answer for, you tell it  – “If the text types in = Austin, turn the cell green.  If the text typed in does not = Austin then turn the cell red.”

Here is a short tutorial video on how to do this in Excel 2003:


Excel – Conditional Formatting in 2003

Here is a short tutorial video for Excel 2007:


So how would you use this?

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Excel – Fill Tool

Excel has many useful shortcuts to help the user enter data quickly.  one of the fastest to learn is the “fill” tool.  Basically it helps you fill in sequential data without having to type in every cell.

If you are trying to number each cell you do not have to type in each number as you go down.

  1. Type the first 3 numbers in the series you are wanting to use, example 1,2, 3.
  2. Click and highlight the three cells.
  3. In the lower right corner a handle will appear.  Click and drag on the handle to fill in all the cells needed.

To fill in a row of cells with the same data:

  1. Type in the information you want in your cells.
  2. Copy that info into the next cell.
  3. Click and highlight the cells with the information.
  4. Click on the handle and drag down to cover the cells that you want the cells to fill.

For those who are visual learners, here is a quick video tutorial on this skill:

For more tips and tutorials on Excel, see:

Excel Tutorials from Microsoft:

Excel 2003 Tutorials on YouTube:

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