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What I Am Reading: Invent to Learn

I came across this quote on Pinterest a while ago.

If you read an hour a day, one book per week, you will be an expert in your field within three years. Through continuous learning, you will be a national authority in five years, and you will be an international authority in seven years. ~ Brian Tracy

In reality I do not have an hour a day to read as some days the kids are lucky if we have time to eat and read their books before bedtime. So I guess I am becoming an expert on Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Whatever After, but that really doesn’t help me in my career.  I have decided that something is better than nothing and I am not seeking to be an international expert, just to get better at what I do.   I have started by finding books that challenge me to think about education, technology and how kids learn.   Currently the buzz I have been hearing is around MakerSpace.   MakerSpace was a big topic as last year’s SXSW Edu event and I can honestly say I did not “get it” at that time.

I began to watch how my own children learn and play and started to see the allure.  We have gotten away from allowing kids to build and create.  School work needs to have multiple choice questions associated with it.  I see it in their homework and graded papers.  Science is graded on how well they can choose the right answer instead of how they can make predictions, test theories and explore how things work.   I also began thinking back to my own school days and tried to think about what work do I remember from the 1980s that I was graded on.  What came to mind was the replicas I built of the Globe Theater, an Egyptian Tomb, science fair projects that I researched and put together and the one page notes pages my trig teacher would let us bring to class.  All these things I created.

I was starting to “get it.”    The idea still seemed overwhelming in the face of standardizing testing.  I began to research online and ran across the recommendation for this book: Invent to Learn.  I am enjoying reading through the ideas and thoughts in this book.  I have used it as a reference book to find ideas and resources in how I am helping to create a MakerSpace existence on campus.  More to come on that later.    By reading I am conquering my fears and finding solutions.    I am not through with it yet, but wanted to share and find out what other people are reading right now.

What are you reading to become an “expert?”


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I’m Back

It’s been 10 months since I have last blogged here.  It’s not that I have stopped exploring instructional technology, it’s just that I have forgotten how important it is to share what you are doing so that others can learn and try it out for themselves.  Many of my ideas, alright so all my ideas, were sparked from reading or hearing about what someone else is doing.   I was reminded of this on Friday as a colleague was telling me that something I did in the Spring they have taken and adapted for their own.  I am now taking that idea back to my own campus and will see where it goes from there.

I also need to practice formalizing the reflection piece of what I am doing.  I often think through activities that I have put together and plan out ways to make them better, but I fail to write those ideas down.  I will never remember the ideas to improve if I do not take the time to write.

What have I been up to in the past 10 months?

  • Working on improving and growing online professional development opportunities
  • Investigating Makerspace and how that can play a role on my campus
  • Reading more about STEM and STEAM (ties in with Makerspace) and how I can encourage that on campus
  • Started a Code like a Girl club after reading and hearing about how women are underrepresented in computer programming jobs
  • Trying to develop resources and professional development for my campus to encourage teachers to take risks and grow!
  • Being a mom and learning about how my own kids learn and how I want them to be taught.

My goal is to start blogging about those activities as a method of reflection and a way to share what I have learned as so many others have shared their knowledge with me.

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