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YouTube Video Tools for Teachers

Here are a few video tools for YouTube  all teachers should know about:

YouTube –

TubeChop – Ever had a video on Youtube that you only wanted to show part of?  This website helps with that.

  1. Find a YouTube Video you want to clip
  2. Copy the URL – and go to
  3. Paste in the url into the provided box on the webpage
  4. Select video and choose “Chop It.”
  5. Choose the portion of the video you want to keep by dragging the markers on the beginning and end of the clip and click on “Chop It”
  6. The website then provide you with a link to your chopped video as well as an embed code to place that clip on a webpage.

Kick You Tube – – Download YouTube videos for future use.       You have options on what format you want to save the video and downloaded videos can be stored on Thumb drives or DVD’s for access when the network is down or you don’t want to rely on streaming.  Basically you type in the work “kick” in the url before”youtube” and follow the instructions.

A great tutorial on how to do this can be found at Tammy Worcester Tip of the Week.

YouTube to Mp3 Converter – – convert video clips into mp3 clips.  Good when looking for sound bites for instruction.

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Web Wandering Wednesdays – September 16, 2008

The return of Web Wandering Wednesdays brings a focus on educational online videos.  Why use video in the classroom?  Video provides a common experience for everyone in a class.  It brings the subject to life and teachers report students understand the concepts better and retain the information longer.  Best practices suggests that short clips work best and are the most effective.

We are very familiar with United Streaming and Brain Pop – but what are some other options?

  • Studio4Learning – has a variety a videos on math, science, English, social sciences, languages, business and arts.  Each topic is also divided into subtopics.  These videos are on demand teaching tools provided free of charge.  You also have an opportunity of submitting your own videos to address topics.  The target for this website is for a secondary audience.
  • TeacherTube – TeacherTube is the educational version of YouTube.  It is a place that students and teachers can post videos for easy access.  Videos found on TeacherTube can be embedded into blogs, wikis, teacherweb, etc for easy viewing by students.   You can also search TeacherTube for videos that others have posted, including ones from partnering organizations, such as from the American Institute for History Education.

Most news organizations offer news clips of current events and networks are also offering their TV shows online so check out their websites for documentaries and current events.

Any other suggestions of places to look for free video resources?  Ideas for using streaming media in class? Please share!

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Web Wandering Wednesdays – June 4

This week’s installment is short, just a simple video from YouTube.  I love this video as a way to show students that just because you don’t “get” it the first time, it still can happen.

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YouTube on PowerPoint

Did you know that you can embed YouTube video into PowerPoint 2002?  I just figured this out and wanted to share what I learned.  This only works when the computer you will be showing the powerpoint on will be connected to the internet.

Find the movie you want to embed and find the URL:

  • In the address bar is the url  – highlight that info and copy it.
  • You must change the url by deleting the “watch?” and replace the “=” with a “/” |
    Ex. v/YcqJoE_78a0
  • Note: – will always be the same
    The end string “YcqJoE_78a0” is specific for each video.

To Embed it into PowerPoint:

1.   Open a Slide

2.   Go to View – Tools – Control Toolbox

3.   Click on the more controls button (hammer) and scroll down to find Shockwave Flash Object.

4.   A cross-hairs will appear for the cursor – so click and drag a box where you want the video to appear.

5.   Right click in the box and choose “properties”

6.   A properties box will appear  – scroll down to the item titled “Movie” and paste in the URL for the video.

7.   Save – view show.  The video will play once you double click on it, just like embedding on a website. 


That’s it!   A few more steps than embedding it online, but a nice trick to know for making teaching presentations.

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Web Wandering Wednesdays – April 16

Need Pictures:CompFlight

Comp Flight –

  • What is it?  Searches Flickr for photos for the term you give it.  The results are returned on one page in thumbnail form instead of a list of images that you have to page through in Flickr.  Hold your mouse over an image and you can see the image resolution information. 
  • What are applications for it in the classroom? –  Great if you need pictures for a presentation, but don’t want to spend forever looking. 
  • Tips:  Don’t save from the results page -those images are thumbnails only and the resolution is VERY low.  Not kid friendly on the searches so be careful about terms and who is searching.

NARA on Google:

  • What is It? – The National Archives has teamed up with Google Video to digitize it’s file collection.  Includes footage from NASA, United Newsreels and Department of the Interior.
  • What are the applications for the classroom?  Videos can be added to any presentation or be used in a teaching just as you would United Streaming.  Example: You can stream or dowload video from the past to show students what was happening when the novel you are reading was set.

Library of Congress Pictures on Flickr:

  • What is It?– The Library of Congress teamed up with Flickr earlier this year to make it’s collection of photographs available.  You can search within this collection to find historical photos on sports, lifestyle or political events.
  • What are the applications for the classroom?–  Anywhere you need pictures to illustrate a point being taught.  Great for Powerpoints, PhotoStory presentations, etc.

Timeline Software:

Mnemograph – – Instructions:

  • What is it?– Creates online timelines that are interactive. Mnemograph Photos and text can be imported in.
  • What are applications for it in the classroom? – 

 XTimeline –

  • What is it?– Create your own online timelines or view those that have been created.
  • What are applications for it in the classroom? – 
  • Has pre-made timelines for viewing
  • Editors can be added to the timeline
  • Create a class time lines (see above)
  • Thanks to and for sharing these resources!

    Attention Ridgeview Middle School Subscrbers:  If you let me know you read this before I send it out to the campus, there are prizes for having subscribed!   Leave a comment about one of the resources, or send me an email to claim it.  Thanks!

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