These instructions are geared for creating a simple one question survey where you want the results published online. This is great for voting on a favorite item. (Remember that people can vote as often as they want.)

Create a one question survey using Google Forms.

Directions to create a form: Google Forms

Share that survey to gather data. This can be done by linking directly to the survey or by embedding it into another webpage.


Share the Results:

  1. Open the spreadsheet for your survey.
  2. The answers to the survey are shown in column B.
  3. In Column D type in the possible answer choices starting with cell D2.
  4. In Column E type in the formula to count the number of responses to each color.
    • Ex. =Countif(B2:B100, “Red”)
    • =CountIf – formula to count by certain criteria
    • B2:B100 – the range of cells where the formula is going to count from. If you expect more than 100 results, then increase the last number to represent the amount of responses expected.
    • “Red” – type in the exact text the formula should look for in counting.
  5. After you type in each formula, the spreadsheet will calculate the results and return a number in place of the formula.
    • You can see the formula again by double clicking in the cell.
    • If you see “#Name” or “#ERROR!” instead of a number – recheck your formula.

 To create a graph of the results:

  • Highlight the cells you just completed in rows D and E.
  • Select Insert – Chart from the menu bar.
  • Choose the type of chart you want to use and set the labels, axis and other settings.
  • Click “Save chart”
  • A chart will appear on the spreadsheet.

To Share the Chart –

  1. Click on the “Share” Tab on the spreadsheet.
  2. Select “Publish as a webpage.”
  3. Make sure the option “Automatically republish when changes are made” is checked.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Click on “Chart” in the graph window.
  6. Choose “Publish Chart.”
  7. A window will appear with the HTML code to paste into your website.
  8. Paste the code into:
    • TeacherWeb – Enhanced Text page in the html view
    • Wiki – an html widget box
    • Blog – into a post with the html view or in a sidebar widget
  9. Note:  Graphs changes will be updated every 5 minutes.

The graph below will update the results of the survey every 5 minutes or so.  You need to refresh the page to see the changes.

Download Directions Here – Google Forms – Simple Survey

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