Math Web Sites:

Math Tips – They have taken the most missed TAKS questions from last year’s 8th grade test and created teaching videos to show how to work those type of problems.

Decatur Intermediate Math Videos – Decatur teachers took the 5th and 6th grade released math TAKS and posted short videos on how to complete each problem.  These videos are available for anyone to use free of charge.

 Math Solutions – This web site contains math lessons broken into grade areas.  Each lesson contains step by step directions and student samples.  Good ideas when looking for a different way to teach.  Not all lessons are for all grade levels so be sure to verify this info.

Tulyn – Math Video Help – you have to create a free account to see the videos uninterrupted, but the site does contain short video clips on all sorts of math problems at all levels.  Might be a great resource for kids working at home to include a link to a similar problem.

 Math Interactives – lessons for 6-12 grade

Just for Fun:  Don’t you wish all students took math this seriously:



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