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Google Earth: Adding Placemarks

Using Google Earth in classrooms sometimes mean making your own trips to guide students through valuable resources and avoiding the distractions.  It can also mean that the students create the tours and learn the process of designing a trip for their classmates.  Our 7th Grade students are going to teach the class about the Texas Revolution by presenting their research through placemarks in Google Earth.  The teacher is going to use the placemarks to teach the class about the different events in the Texas Revolution. 

Student and teacher need to know the basics of placemark creation to get started in this process. 

Here are some basic instructions to get you started:

Placemarkers in Google Earth


Video Tutorial:


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Google Earth: Layers

There is something powerful about having first hand knowledge.  My daughter and I were reading an animal book recently that asks you to match up the pictures with different features, like feet, fur, colors, etc.  Usually we struggle through this book and she can’t quite seem to see all the connections.  This time however she got all the matches right off.  What was different?  We had recently gone to the zoo.  Now all those pictures represented real things and she was more in tune with what they were asking since she had her own experiences to pull from!

This started me thinking about the power of field trips and what it really means to have a student that has never left the town they live in.  Then I thought of all the powerul tools we have to give students “virtual” field trips.  Google Earth is a great venue to make this happen.  With the ability to turn on different layers you can take the basic sattelite images and explore anywhere you want to go, includign the ocean.  Turn on 3D building layer and see the skyline of major cities, or of historic sites like the Alamo.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use layers in Google Earth.


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Getting started with Audacity

I had a request from the 6th grade science teachers to create a video tutorial on Audacity so kids who choose to make a podcast in an upcoming webquest, could do so if they so chose.  I thought I would share the video here as well.


Here is the handout that goes with it.  Audacity Basics

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Interactive Excel – Conditional Formating

One thing I learned at TCEA was how to use conditional formatting in Excel.  This is probably something everyone else knows how to do, but I had always wondered how this was done, but had never asked.  Since this is new to me, I thought I would share.

Conditional Formatting:

I always wondered how people made excel sheets that seemed interactive.  It comes down to formatting.

If you type in a question:  What is the capital of Texas?

In the cell you want an answer for, you tell it  – “If the text types in = Austin, turn the cell green.  If the text typed in does not = Austin then turn the cell red.”

Here is a short tutorial video on how to do this in Excel 2003:


Excel – Conditional Formatting in 2003

Here is a short tutorial video for Excel 2007:


So how would you use this?

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Computer to TV Instructions – Going Through Displays (NVIDIA)

If your desktop does not list the ATI Catalyst Control or it is not available when right clicking on your screen, chances are you have a different graphics card and will set the TV settings through the displays menu – or desktop properties.    This video covers the steps needed to get everything talking to each other.

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