Want to promote literacy but are not a Language Arts teacher or librarian? Don’t have time to do book talks in the middle of math class? Want to share a good book with those around you? Would you like to prove to your students you do do more than grade papers and think of ways to torture them with homework and projects?

I have known about Shelfari for a while now, but hadn’t really thought of it as a way to show students what I am reading. While reading another blog, I was struck by the idea that you can actually add this to a TeacherWeb page and share good books with students. It would look like the one I have below.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

How do you do this?
Step 1: go to http://www.shelfari.com/ and sign up for an account.
Step 2: Add books to your shelf and divide them into “I’ve Read,” “reading Now” and “I Plan to Read”
Step 3: On your home page – Go to the “More” tab and choose “My Widgets”
Step 4: Create a Widget by clicking on the link.
Step 5: Choose a JavaScript Widget (TeacherWeb will support it.)
Step 6: Select a list to be displayed on your shelf and click “Customize your Widget.”
Step 7: Select the design and size you want. I recommend setting the width to 100% as this will make the widget resize itself based on the space available. Click on “Save and Continue.”
Step 8: Copy the widget code provided.
Step 9: Open the teacherweb page in Edit Mode and paste in the widget code. Save the changes.
Step 10: check out your own virtual bookshelf! http://teacherweb.com/TX/RidgeviewMS/MrsYoung/h1.stm

Anytime you update your book list on Shelfari, it will update the shelf on your TeacherWeb page. This same method works for most any type of web page.

So what are you reading?

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