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Technology Tuesday – December 13th

Resources and Articles that caught my attention this week.  –
Math videos created by students.

YouTube for Education – 

Lists the different Youtube Channels focused mostly on the K12 classrooms. Channels including Biography Channel (lots of celebrities but also historical characters), Encyclopedia Britannica, Smithsonian Channel, etc. Worth checking out!

BYOT: 10 Schools Encouraging Smartphones in the Classroom:
This article covers 10 schools and what they are doing with smartphones and what the results have been. Great data to use when considering using BYOT in the classroom.

QuadBlogging –
Join 4 other schools to share blogs. This guarantees your blog site will get heavy traffic for at least a week from students in another part of the world. Signup on the website. This is a great way to improve student’s writing abilities and create those personal learning networks that are required in the Technology TEKS. You can still sign up for the next round happening in January 2012.

Digiteen Project: Gloabl Citizenship Collaboration and Education  –
Part of the flatclassroom series. Apply now to join in with other 6-9 graders in exploring digital citizenship. This project includes research and a on-campus project to implement what they have learned from the research. Project runs February through May. Applications are due Feburary 1.

Skype in the Classroom  –
Join other classrooms in projects that include collaborating together online. Join a project already proposed or submit your own proposal for others to join in. Proposals are divided into age groups, language and categories. Worth taking a look!

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Twitter Tuesdays – September 27th

Video Resources:

YouTube Channel for Teachers:

@pseudotechgeek: RT @mheducation: YouTube goes live with new channel for #teachers: ~by @tinabarseghian #edtech

Another Good Professional Development Website is Teaching Channel: – a web site dediecated to bringing you good teaching videos to help you grow professionally

 Khan Academy – instructional videos in math, science and the humanities.   Excellent videos to post on your website for reteaching opportunities or to shos in class so kids can hear and see it a different way.

@educationweek: Blog: Learning Math the Khan Academy Way #edtech

Good Technology Modeling for Students:

Ideas on Way to be a good Technology Role Model

RT @pschoolsystems: 20 Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students #edchat #edtech

 Digital Storytelling:

 28 Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators

 RT @missnoor28: Digital #Storytelling Tools for Educators | @scoopit #edtech #edchat



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Idea #5 – Make a Video!

Today’s idea makes use of the document camera as a convenient digital cameras and video recorders for the classroom.

Consider some ways a camera would come in handy, take a picture of:

  • Classroom notes for students who are absent or need to review them later.  Post that picture on your webpage for easy access.
  • Each step of a process to show the steps involved.
  • A student’s work for use as a sample later on, or to email home with notes on student progress.
  • The white board to record the information presented in class
  • An example project to show how a completed project should look.

Video cameras are also very handy to have in the classroom.  Here are a few examples of things to video:

  • An explanation of how to complete a problem or assignment.  Post it online (teacherweb, youtube, etc) for students to have access to at home.
  • Class instructions for a substitute.   Give the lesson yourself so the teaching continues while you are gone.
  • Lab experiments for absent students.
  • Student presentations – Turn the camera to record students presenting for the classroom.

What could you add to these lists?   Please leave ideas in the comment section below.

Your document camera needs to be connected to your computer with a USB cable and the software should be installed.  Download instructions for creating a video with the Samsung Document Camera 860 – Instructions – pdf

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YouTube Video Tools for Teachers

Here are a few video tools for YouTube  all teachers should know about:

YouTube –

TubeChop – Ever had a video on Youtube that you only wanted to show part of?  This website helps with that.

  1. Find a YouTube Video you want to clip
  2. Copy the URL – and go to
  3. Paste in the url into the provided box on the webpage
  4. Select video and choose “Chop It.”
  5. Choose the portion of the video you want to keep by dragging the markers on the beginning and end of the clip and click on “Chop It”
  6. The website then provide you with a link to your chopped video as well as an embed code to place that clip on a webpage.

Kick You Tube – – Download YouTube videos for future use.       You have options on what format you want to save the video and downloaded videos can be stored on Thumb drives or DVD’s for access when the network is down or you don’t want to rely on streaming.  Basically you type in the work “kick” in the url before”youtube” and follow the instructions.

A great tutorial on how to do this can be found at Tammy Worcester Tip of the Week.

YouTube to Mp3 Converter – – convert video clips into mp3 clips.  Good when looking for sound bites for instruction.

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Embedding YouTube in PowerPoint 2007

With the upgrade on campus from Office XP to Office 07 there was a need to rewrite the directions on embedding YouTube into PowerPoint.

Embedding a video allows for the presenter to stay within the PowerPoint environment and to filter out the ads and info that may surround the video on the internet.

Here is a powerpoint with the YouTube Video linked and the video embedded:   embed

Directions to Embed in PowerPoint 2007

Note: Your computer must have internet connection when showing the PowerPoint in order for the video to work.

  1. Look to see if the “Developer” ribbon is available on your toolbar.  If it is NOT:
    1. click on the Microsoft Orb (see red arrow)
    2. Click on “PowerPoint Options” on the bottom of the window.
    3. Under the “Popular” tab check S”Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”
    4. Click “OK”
  2. Open the Developer’s Ribbon and click on the “More Controls” option in the Controls box.
  3. Scroll down and select the option “Shockwave Flash Object” and click “OK.”
  4. On the PowerPoint slide click the mouse and draw a box where you want the video to be.
  5. Right click on the box you have just drawn and select “Properties.”
  6. Open Internet Explorer and find the video you want to embed in your presentation:
    1. Copy the URL in the address bar by highlighting the address and Ctrl + C
  7. Return to PowerPoint
  8. Paste the URL in the Properties Box in the “Movie” section.
  9. Change the URL by:
      1. Delete the “watch?” portion of the address
      2. Replace the “=” with a “/”
      3. Example
        1. From:
        2. To: v/aSVfYwdGSsQ
  10. Other items to change in the Properties Box:
    1. Loop – If you want the movie to play through once and stop select “False”
    2. Playing – If you want the movie to start automatically when the slide loads – “True” – Otherwise change to “False” if you want to click on the movie for it to start.
  11. Save your PowerPoint.
  12. Run the presentation and you should see the movie begin.

Here are the directions with screenshots in pdf Form: Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2007

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